New Website Announcement

We are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of the new Hoarding Marmot website. There will be a few exciting changes!

You can view limited account information online (if you've consigned with us before) once you log into your Consignor Account. This can be accessed via the tab that is bordered in yellow in the screenshot below. This, however, is different from the Web account (highlighted in green). The latter just saves your shipping and billing information for a speedier checkout, but is not linked to your consignment account. The Web Account is accessible via the human shaped icon in the upper right hand corner, bordered in green.

Note that the Consignor Account only lets you view how much available store credit you have and which items have sold since your last payout. If you haven't had any items sell yet you will not see anything. The dollar amount next to each of your items represents how much you got, not the total sale price. We're working on implementing more features, but they are not available at this time.

Once we launch the website, your information will be uploaded to link with your Consignor Account. If you do not wish to have your information uploaded, for whatever reason, please reach out to us and we will remove your information. 

Call us at 907-334-3333
Email us at

Thank you for contributing to the Hoarding Marmot and we are ecstatic to be continuously growing with your support.